2 New Year’s Habits to Enhance Your Career in 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, the New Year brings the opportunity of a fresh start. If you need a New Year’s resolution, you could certainly benefit from embracing some habits to enhance your career in 2017.

Making a big impact in your professional life need not be complicated – adopting these two good habits can go a long way towards get ahead at work:

1. Go to work well rested, awake and looking presentable

Sometimes working long hours will leave you feeling tired, but a general rule to go by is to always arrive at work feeling well rested. By making sure you have a good night’s sleep, you can start the working day feeling both physically and mentally fresh and ready to tackle any challenges that you might face.

You should also make sure you show up to work looking rested and presentable. Wake up with enough to time to shower, use deodorant and choose your clothes carefully. Whilst first impressions most definitely count, every interaction you have in the workplace can have a good or bad effect on your career, so always take half an hour or so a day to make sure you look smart and tidy. Taking care of your appearance can help you to improve your relationships with your bosses, colleagues and clients.

To make sure your work clothes are clean, crease-free and in good condition, it’s very worthwhile to take advantage of a professional cleaning service. The wet cleaning process ensures that all clothes come out feeling soft, smelling fresh and looking crease and blemish free.

2. Reduce stress in your life

Are there aspects of your life that are causing you stress? By identifying these problems and addressing them, you could stand to grow in your career. As well as finding ways to make your workload more manageable, or developing better relationships with your colleagues, it’s important to think about whether any changes in your personal life could have a positive effect on your professional life.

Is it difficult to stay on top of important household tasks when you get home from work? Does this lead to stress that could have a negative impact on your professional life? Then think about ways that you can lessen your workload at home to give you more time to relax, ready for work the next day. For example, time spent washing and ironing could be spent more positively, so using a professional shirt service could certainly help relieve stress.

Edward’s of Tadley can provide a full shirt service, including washing drying and ironing. We can hang or fold your shirts, depending on your preference.

If you feel that your work wear could be holding you back, or could be making better use of your time in the evenings, call Edward’s of Tadley today on 0118 327 1930 or simply pay us a visit at Falcon Garage, Burghfield Road, Tadley RG26 4QY to discuss your cleaning needs.