A new engraving service comes to town

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a brand new engraving service that has been designed with value and quality in mind.

Our new service offers engraving on nickel plated and aluminium tags for pets, with a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. From bones to hearts and oval shapes to rectangles – we have a wide selection.

In addition to tags we can supply and engrave key rings, name badges, pens, lighters and a wide range of giftware items. Whether you are celebrating a christening, birthday or wedding, engraving offers the chance to add a personal touch to an item, making it truly original.

There are many reasons why engraving a present is a great idea. Here, we outline the top three:

  • It increases the sentimental value

Giving someone a gift is a very personal act. After all, you spend time and effort finding something that you think they will like and cherish. By engraving the present with something individual, you are increasing its sentimental value even further.

  • You can personalise almost anything

One of the key benefits of engraving is that you can engrave almost anything. While half of the fun comes from picking the item that is to be engraved, the other half is deciding what you will engrave – whether it’s words, graphics or important dates.

  • You can make it your own

Sometimes, it only takes a bit of creative thinking to turn something from a good gift into an amazing gift. Engraving offers the chance to really personalise a product, which will show its recipient just how much thought and love has gone into it.

To talk about your engraving project, please come into store, call us on 0118 327 1930, or contact us via email.