Christmas Party Season

Get Your Party Wear Clean In Time for the Office Christmas Party Season

With the Christmas party season getting closer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your outfits for the office party or any other corporate events that you will be attending over the next month. Whilst dress codes can differ, many Christmas parties are formal events where black tie is the norm, so it’s time to turn to the go-to tuxedo or most beautiful ball gown. To impress your colleagues, why not get prepared and get your party best professionally cleaned?

Look and smell fresh

It’s true that the best quality clothes can be more difficult to clean, requiring extra care. Tuxedo jackets and trousers are often labelled dry clean only and delicate dresses are unsuitable for standard washing machines, but you may also feel nervous about taking them to a professional cleaner. Dry cleaning requires the use of solvent chemicals that can often leave traces on the clothes when you take them home. These chemicals can also have a negative effect on the environment.

At Edward’s, we are experts in cleaning all types of garments using our highly sophisticated washing and drying systems. To achieve the best results, we use the wet cleaning process to provide fresh and clean clothing without the need to use strong toxic chemicals. Our specialist washing machines use only water and completely safe, biodegradable detergents and clothes can be cleaned at as low a temperature as 20°C.

Whilst your clothing may be labelled as dry clean only, wet cleaning provides an ideal alternative and clothes that would usually be dry cleaned can be safely washing providing excellent results. By using only biodegradable cleaning products, the wet cleaning technique is kinder to your clothes and allows them to last longer. Even the most delicate materials respond well to our gentle cleaning methods.

Essential repairs and alterations

If you have bought new clothes for the Christmas party season and are aiming to really impress, a few alterations can help you to achieve the perfect fit. Even off the rack suits can be made to look custom made with small changes to the waist of the jacket or the line of the trousers and a dress can really show off your figure if taken in at the right places.

If the zip of your gown or trousers is in need of repair, or the lining of your jacket has a slight tear, don’t forget to address these essential repairs before the time comes to wear them. At Edward’s we can carry out all types of repairs and alterations, from length adjustments, to zip replacements and fine detailed repairs.

To make sure your special outfit is ready for the start of the party season, contact Edward’s today by calling 0118 327 1930, email or simply pop in with your garments and we will provide an excellent value, high quality service to your convenience.