Get Your Wardrobe Summer Ready

Living in the UK ensures you have to be prepared for the arrival (and exit) of summer any time between late March and mid-October.  This element of surprise means you cannot always predict when you will require your summer wardrobe and for how long. 

At Edwards, we specialise in keeping your garments looking their best, so in case a heatwave is just around the corner, here are our top tips to get your wardrobe summer ready:

  • Swap your storage - If like many people, you don’t have space in your wardrobe for all seasons, you’ll probably need to bring your summer clothing out of storage now and swap it for the heavier, thicker garments that you won’t need until later in the year. To keep your winter clothes in good shape, clean garments before packing away in vacuum bags or plastic storage boxes.  Store somewhere dry, clean, cold and dark.
  • Freshen up - Depending on where clothes have been stored and for how long, you may get them out of storage and find they need washing again, or at least freshening up. Launder on a delicate wash, dry and iron as per the garment care instructions on the label before folding or hanging in the wardrobe.
  • Professionally clean – you may find you have delicate or intricate items that you don’t want to risk washing at home. Bringing them along to Edwards at the start of the summer means your favourite items will be ready to wear when the weather decides to play ball.  Our wet cleaning process safely washes any items that are dry-clean only and because the system doesn’t use any solvents, colours look brighter and clothes feel fresher and softer.
  • Try them on – it is feasible that with the changing seasons and the passing of time, clothes may not have the same feel and fit as they did last summer so it’s always a good idea to try your summer wardrobe on so you can plan your potential outfits in advance. If there are garments that are too tight or loose, but that you still want to wear, why not bring them along to Edwards where we can alter and repair your clothing to regain that perfect fit?  Trying your items on now will also help you to identify the garments you are missing to make up complete outfits.
  • Pressed for time? – if the thought of ironing your entire summer wardrobe sends shivers down your spine and has you reaching for the nearest Margarita, you can have them professionally ironed instead. Our ironing service ensures your items are returned to you in pristine condition, ready to wear.

Whatever the UK summer has in store for us, following these tips will ensure that your wardrobe is ready for sunshine, outdoor gatherings and holidays.

To find out more information about any of our cleaning or garment finishing services please call us on 0118 3271930 or email us with your enquiry.