Introducing Our New Key Cutting Service

In addition to our wide range of professional garment cleaning, alteration and repair services, we are happy to announce that we can now also provide a high quality key cutting service while you wait. Using the latest technology in precise key cutting machinery, our range of keys include Yale, Mortice and Chubb keys.

Why you always need at least one spare key

You would be surprised that so many people only have one set of keys to their home or business. It may be that one key was lost and has not yet been replaced, but in some cases, only a single key or set of keys was ever cut. By taking advantage of our key cutting service, you can make sure that you are never stuck in any of these precarious situations.

Spare keys prevent you from relying on other people

If a number of people in one household use the same key, this can make life very difficult. If you or a housemate don’t have a key, this means that someone is always relying on someone else to be around to open or lock the door. Expecting a single key holder to always be there when you need them is just not realistic. Sharing a single key can also increase the risk of it getting lost if you are not sure who had the key last. By getting spare keys cut, anyone that needs access to a building has a key that is their responsibility.

Spare keys help to prevent accidental lockouts

Lockouts can happen to anyone and there is never an ideal time. In fact, accidental lockouts often happen at the worst time. With these facts in mind, you should always have a plan in place. By investing in spare keys and giving them to someone that you trust, in your time of need, you can be confident that you will be able to get into your home or building sooner rather than later and without needing to call a locksmith.

Spare keys are a money saver

By failing to invest in a key cutting service, you could be facing much bigger costs in the future. By getting one or more spare keys cut, you can avoid breaking the bank in more than one way:

  • You won’t have to call a locksmith or invest in a new lock.
  • You won’t have to miss an important appointment or meeting.
  • You won’t lose out on business hours because you can’t get into your building.

Spare keys make it easier to replace lost keys

If you lose a key, not only will you still be able to enter your home or building with your spare key, but your lost key can be replaced. As long as you can bring a key in to us, we can cut a new copy while you wait, so you will not have to be without a spare key. You never know when you might need it.

Local key cutting service

In addition to door keys, we can also supply window keys, padlock keys and more, as well as cutting car keys and programming transponders. If you have any questions about our key cutting service, our experts are available to offer their advice. Visit us today or call 0118 3271930.