Keeping your wedding dress looking fabulous – cleaning and preservation

You’ve boogied the night away in your beautiful wedding dress, only for it to end up in a heap on the floor at the end of the night. And with the usual suspects like mud, red wine and lipstick stains, you may be left wondering whether it will ever return to its original brilliance.

That’s where an expert in wedding dress cleaning and preservation can help, taking the stress of stains and smells right out of your hands. Getting your dress cleaned and preserved as close to the big day as you can is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep it looking fabulous, but there are also a number of tips and tricks that you can do yourself:

  • When you buy your dress, you’re often given an envelope of extra beads and embellishments. Ensure that you keep this somewhere safe as you never know when you might need it
  • Keep your dress away from direct sunlight, damp and heat
  • Store your dress somewhere that isn’t home to lots of insects
  • When you store the dress, only use acid free tissue paper inside a wedding dress box
  • Pick a wedding dress box that’s both pretty and robust
  • Don’t forget about your dress once it has been packed away. Check it every six to 12 months just to make sure it remains undamaged
  • Keep your dress out of the loft – if you don’t then you may find your dress smells, is damp or even infested with insects
  • Avoid hanging your dress from its shoulders. This can lead to the material stretching and ripping
  • Whenever you go to inspect your dress, ensure that your fingers are clean and free from make up
  • Jewellery can snag material easily, especially if it’s lace. Take off any rings and bracelets before touching your wedding dress to reduce the risk of it snagging

At Edwards of Tadley, our wedding dress cleaning and preservation service helps women all over Tadley and beyond keep their wedding dresses looking their best. Our skilled experts have unrivalled knowledge of lace, silk, tulle, embellishments and beading and will ensure that each blemish on your dress is treated with the utmost care and respect.

If are in need of a wedding dress cleaning and preservation service, our services start at £75. To find out more, please call: 0118 327 1930, or email: