Love Your Clothes Again with our Garment Cleaning Services

Love is in the air right now, but if you’re not feeling in the mood, maybe your wardrobe could do with a little TLC?  The fabric of our clothes can become tired with repeated washing or being squashed in the wardrobe for months without being worn, so now is the perfect time to show your favourite outfit some devotion – by having it professionally cleaned.

Love our Garment Cleaning Service

We use the very latest in wet cleaning technology to safely and effectively clean your clothing and household items.  Our biodegradable detergent mix doesn’t just clean and refresh your clothes but leaves them smelling wonderfully fresh, ready for you to fall in love with your favourite garments all over again.

Love our Clothing Alteration Service

If you were tempted by the bargains in the January sales but have since discovered your purchases are not quite the right fit, Edward’s can help.  Our clothing alterations service has been designed to enable you to get the most out of your wardrobe.  From simple shortening or lengthening adjustments to more complicated repairs and alterations, you might be surprised at how we can alter your garments to suit you.

Love Edward’s

If you’ve never been to our store before and are wondering whether Edward’s is the right choice for you, here are just a few reasons why we think you’ll love our cleaning services:

  • Our wet cleaning system will safely clean items of clothing that are normally dry cleaned
  • Our cleaning process uses biodegradable detergents and is free of chemicals or solvents – perfect for sensitive skin
  • We go the extra mile for you – with shirt folding and hanging, clothing alterations and specialist leather and suede cleaning just a taste of our professional cleaning capabilities. 
  • We have plenty of free parking available outside – perfect for dropping off or collecting your items
  • We offer a free no obligation quotation – even on items that are not listed on our website
  • We are open on Saturdays until 1.30pm. If you cannot make it to our store during our standard opening hours we can arrange later collections. Let us know when you drop off you garments. 

In short, we’re passionate about cleaning and we’ve got the expertise and equipment to restore your clothes back to their very best.   For more information on everything we offer or for a price to clean your favourite outfit please call us on 0118 3271930 or visit us here.