What is Wet Cleaning and What Makes it Better Than Dry Cleaning?

We all know the wonderful feeling of clean, fresh clothes and bedding, and traditionally dry cleaning has been a simple way to get great results. However ‘wet cleaning’ is becoming an increasingly popular way of professional cleaning for both garments and household items, with a number of benefits over dry cleaning.

But what exactly is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning describes the cleaning process that uses only water and a safe biodegradable detergent mix to provide a brilliantly clean and fresh-smelling finish.

In the hands of a professional wet cleaning company, your items will be gently and completely cleaned using water as a solvent, without the need for toxic chemicals. We can use computerised washers to continuously monitor the water, temperature, detergent and agitation levels, as this will ensure a thorough clean. We can also carefully dry items and finish them with steam and hot air – relaxing the fabrics and gently pressing items into their proper shape.

Through wet cleaning, we can safely and effectively clean all items that would usually be dry cleaned.

How is dry cleaning different?

Despite its name, items that are dry cleaned do get wet – they are submerged in chemical solvents instead of water. Perchloroethylene (PCE or perc) is the widely used solvent, particularly effective for removing grease or oil-based stains. However this synthetic liquid is listed as a human carcinogen and exposure to it could affect the central nervous system.

Similarly a computerised washer allows for the right amount of solvent and detergents to be applied for a proper clean. The items can then be tumble dried ready for finishing.

The benefits of wet cleaning

  • Wet cleaning uses detergents and a process that’s better for the environment
  • The fact that it is free of chemicals and solvents makes it safer and perfect for sensitive skin
  • Though dry cleaning is good at removing grease, it’s not as effective at cleaning water-soluble stains like dirt
  • You’ll get excellent results with wet cleaning and professional cleaners will be able to tackle a wide range of fabrics, from linen and silk, to leather and suede
  • Wet cleaning is softer on your garments and household items and delicate fabrics, which can help them to last longer

So, if you’d like to experience the wonderful feeling that a professional wet clean gives to your fabrics then why not contact us to find out more? Simply call us on 0118 3271930 or pop into our Tadley store!