Leather and Suede Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning items tailored from suede or leather, expert knowledge and specialist techniques are required.  Here at Edward’s, our modern onsite wet cleaning facilities enable us to effectively clean various leather and suede fabrics.  From garments to motorcycle wear, handbags to footwear such as UGG© Boots, we take the greatest care to ensure your specialist items are well looked after during the cleaning process.

As the texture of leather and suede is very delicate, not using the correct cleaning techniques could damage the look and feel, which is why we always recommend you use a specialist cleaner to look after your suede and leather garments.

At Edward’s, our specialist cleaning process involves the pre-treatment of stains followed by washing and further cleaning where needed. We carefully undertake the cleaning process to replenish the natural oils within the skins and finish off with colour restoration and buffing to prolong and protect your treasured items.

Handbag Cleaning

Whether it’s a family heirloom or your favourite Friday night accessory, spillages and stains on your best handbag can be very upsetting.  At Edward’s we can help restore your cherished bags to their former glory, always using the most appropriate specialist cleaning techniques to bring your bags back to life.

Cleaning treatments will depend upon the size, style and material of the bag so simply pop along to our store or send us your enquiry and we’ll be happy to quote for your handbag cleaning.

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