Mobile Phone, Tablet & Laptop Repairs

We provide in store repairs for all mobile phones, tablet devices and laptops. Our services include 

- general repairs 
- diagnostics 
- water damage
- data recovery 
- unlocking
- complex board level micro soldering repairs
- emergency repairs


I don't know what's wrong?

We can diagnose complex problems and where possible, provide repair costs prior to undertaking work: If it's going to cost more then the phone is worth, we will let you know.

Why choose us?

- Reputable Repairs. We have been trading at our store Tadley premises for many years and our success is built on the high standard of work we provide. We believe in undertaking quality repairs that last. Devices are expensive and hold a lot of sensitive data that you would not want falling into the wrong hands. 

- No appointments necessary. Whether you just passing or need a fast repair we can help. Late evening repairs are available after our regular trading hours. 

- We offer the widest level of services in the area including complex motherboard repairs, data recovery, liquid damage, unlocking and more

- Any problems? Unlike some online providers, you always know where to find us. Come in and we will address any issues.

- Easy parking. We are easy to find on the Shell Petrol Station, Tadley (RG26 4QY).

Can I get more information?

Contact us today with information of your device and problem. We aim to respond within a few hours. For the most accurate advice, we recommend visiting in store.

Seen it cheaper?

Its no secret that there are many cheap and cheerful repairers in every industry. This comes at a cost of quality. We use the highest quality parts available, sourced exclusively from our recognised wholesalers to ensure your device will leave us in the best possible condition.


Liquid Damage

Whether you have spilt your coffee or drop your device down the toilet we can assist! Contrary to popular belief RICE WILL NOT HELP. There is lots of useful but also unhelpful information online. Rice drying phones is one of them. 

In the event of liquid coming into contact with your device, there are a number of steps to be taken to minimise possible damage. Ideally you should visit us with the device AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for the highest chances of minimising damage.  

1. Switch off the device and/or do not attempt to turn it now. By allowing electrical current to flow into the device there is a risk of short-circuiting that may result in a costly repair of damaged components. Older devices have a battery that is easily removable whilst sealed handsets need to brought into us for safe removal.

2. In cases where a device has been exposed to liquid for a long period of time, it may appear to be dry on the outside, even if left in a warm area for several weeks; it will not dry internal components deep within the handset. We therefore always advise bring into us for disassembly, drying and cleaning of corrosion that will quickly buildup on any device. 

3. We undertake a thorough clean down and diagnostics of liquid damaged devices, identify damaged components and quote for a repair. You will be kept updated to ensure the repair price remains viable in relation to the age and value of the handset. 

-In cases where a full repair is not wanted, we are able to undertake data recovery so you do not loose important contacts etc. 

Visit our store as soon as possible and a technician will provide a detailed breakdown of what can be offered for your particular device. 

Some of our micro-soldering work: 





Microphone repair:




Laptop Liquid Damage Repair 


Charging Port Replacement