Why Choose Us

We do not out-source

Unlike many other dry cleaners, we ONLY provide services that can be done by us. So, when you discuss your particular cleaning requirements or bring us a valuable garment, you can be assured that we will follow your particular instructions and pay extra attention to details highlighted to us. As we are fully experienced in all the services we offer, we are able to provide the most accurate cleaning advice.

Attention to Detail

We have successfully built our business on positive recommendations and word of mouth. This is due to the fact that we ensure all garments are meticulously inspected, cleaned and hand finished to the highest standard.

  • Where the garment cleaning does not meet our required standards, we will re-clean at no additional cost. 
  • Our shirts are packed carefully with sleeves secured to prevent creasing during transportation to your wardrobe
Ultimate Convenience 

Located on the Shell Petrol Station in Tadley, there is no other site like ours! We are well positioned with ample easy parking where you can fill up your fuel, buy your groceries and even get your eyes tested. If you struggle to get to our site during regular opening times we will usually be able to accommodate early/late collections for your garments. Speak to us and find out more. 

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